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NARESH AGENCIES is one of Chemical Agencies situated in Delhi, India established in 2004 under the able leadership of Chemical background experienced Mr.Naresh Ramtri.The company caters to the need of various processing industries like Pesticides formulation, Detergent formulation, Textile Processing Unit, Cosmetics and Body care units, Pharmaceuticals, Effluent treatment products, Glycol Ethers for industrial applications, Oil Field Chemicals, Engineering Industries etc. with the specially surfactants manufactured by different Multi nationals. The associate company caters to the need of export market.

Appkication Areas

Pesticides: Emulsifiers for emulsifiable concentrate technicals like endosulphon, cypermethrin, fenvalarate, chloropyriphos, anilophos, butachlor, quinolos, malathion, glyphosate. The emulsifiers are marketed under the brand name NOIGEN series.

Detergent: Foam Boosters, acid salyri and emulsifier to get better cleaning property.
Health Care and Body Care Products
Acid Thicker to formulate household cleaning product based on acids.
Emulsifier versatile ionic, anionic, cationic emulsifiers for making creams and lotions for body care application.

Pharmaceuticals: Emulsifiers cum wetting like tween and spans under the brand name polysorgen/PEG 400/Isopropyl Myristrate.
Effluent Treatment Products

Floculating/defloculants, coagulant, setteling and decolouring poly acrylates.

Textile Processing

100% wetting dispersing emulsifying, finishing softner for cotton/synthetic and blends.
Glycol Ethers - For Industrial Applications
Oil Field Chemicals, Pourpoint depresent, corrosion inhibitors Engineering Industries
Rust preventive oil, cutting oil fluid quenching oil.




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